manners cost nothing

I so wish I could teach the above to my youngest son. Alas, he thinks he’s above manners. Since he’s only 9yrs old I’m hoping he’ll learn with age.

The weekend passed way to quickly. It was a happy weekend if a little to short. My youngest daughter Hope has finally got a dress she is happy with for her prom. I cannot believe that Primary Schools have proms but they do. Hope had got 2 dresses delivered but neither where quite right. The final dress we actually shopped for so she tried it on & loved it. I even love it lol.

Finally I’m awaiting my new blackberry which will be delivered tomorrow 🙂 I lost a phone when my Dad was dying. I thought it was the end of the world. Of course it wasn’t. Having my phone nicked is inconvenient but that’s all. A new phone will soon get filled up with the numbers. New photo’s will be taken & new dates will be added to my Calendar. A woman who people often mistake for me had a heart attack on Thursday evening. She’s had stents put in & is recovering well. One of her son’s works next door to me. It reminded me that in life it’s not the money you have or the “stuff” you own that’s important. It’s the people who we share life with that make it worth living. Spending time doing things we love with the people who make us smile is priceless. Sometimes I forget that & get bogged down with shit. I need to remember to stop stressing the little stuff that doesn’t mean a thing.