Try again

Its way past my bedtime. My eldest had suggested that tonight he’d have a stay home night. I could get a bottle of wine & he’d get a box of beer. I’ve always got wine. I buy. with the intention of drinking it. I feel a bit sad & pathetic drinking on my own so I just don’t. He however didn’t have any beer so thinking I’ll be nice I buy it with my shopping. It was delivered this afternoon. By the time I’d got home from work he’d made other plans. Not sure why I was surprised but I felt like a thrown away toy lol.

Blown out by my own son. How tragic. More worrying is its the shape of my life to come. I’m guessing he’ll be drunk by now whilst I’m well, not haha. I keep getting surprised by middle age. Its a time in life I dreaded & its as good as I thought it would be. My bed is waiting & I”ve even got pyjamas on haha. Me, seriously, I’ve actually got out of the clothes I’ve been wearing & put other clean one’s on to go to bed. Now that really is bonkers. Ni-night world.


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