Woman’s lot

I guess I should type that this entry is going to mention periods, hormones & me being emotional so if you’re not comfortable reading about that shit; bye. Still here? Okay when my period starts I become an emotional wreck. I used to get angry and argumentative. Now everything just makes me sad. Even a dirty spoon in my sink makes me feel sad & under valued. I know it’s not really how I feel but for me its 9 long days a month when I don’t quite trust my feelings. I don’t even remember when it started. The anger left & if I’m being honest I could cope with anger better than what I feel now. Not sure how everyone around me feels.

Then we have the weight gain. Seriously 7lbs?? That little annoyance started before I got diagnosed with endometriosis, o & that’s a lovely visitor. I feel like I’ve had a muscle ripped & just left in my stomach. I don’t know where the hell I thought the pain would be but its a high stomach pain for me. My lovely GP said menopause will end that pain but who the hell can predict when that’ll happen. Whenever I get my hormone levels checked they’re always normal. I can’t wait to be told I’m peri menopausal. Um actually I’m not sure about that.

So anything I type during the next week could well be just a symptom of my hormone levels & not a true reflection of what I’m feeling. Life should slow down a bit. Tomorrow is my last day of work for 8 weeks. My children will infuriate me & I’ll annoy them. I love creating a new routine for me & the kids. It’ll be nice not to stress about making packed lunches or ironing school uniforms. My, I’m feeling better already.