over 300 of my favourite tracks,. Not sure what although I currently have Take That singing Nothing to say at all in my ears. I’m loving them,,..


its so obvious really

I obviously paddled up the River Clyde in a banana boat. My daughters where disturbed last night by my eldest son & his girlfriend. What my daughters thought were sex noises I’m expected to believe was his girlfriend changing his bed. Yeh fkn right & I’m Mother Theresa!!

Okay so I now know eldests girlfriend doesn’t like being spoken to like an adult. I mentioned it to her as I was going out the door. Next thing I know he’s texting me demanding to know what I said. Let me tell you I felt awkward sitting at lunch having my Mother discussing sex like it was a menu item. Jeez as if it wasn’t awkward enough. As I pointed out to my son I don’t really care whether he’s shagging his gf or not. I do care that my daughters can’t get to sleep because of the noise coming from his room. I’m not really bothered that his gf felt awkward. I mentioned my daughters where disturbed by what they described as sex noises. I could have said much worse lol.

On the positive, his gf is so embarassed she says she’s not setting foot in my house again. Um, not a problem for me so its all good lol. I’m a bit surprised that she had left by the time I got home. I’m quite irked by the whole thing. It is my house & if I say something they should take it on the chin. I didn’t expect her toys and dummy to be fired out her pram in my direction. I think I misjudged us both. I thought we knew each other well enough for me to be honest with her. Boy did I get that one wrong 😦


ooo bitchy, bitchy

It was one of those days today. I admit I don’t let too much bother me. I’m way to old to be huffing & puffing. Today though was a day to be peeved by things that will be sorted out eventually. I usually do the will this matter in 6 months question. That usually puts things into perspective. Today I took myself to fk 6 months it matters today & I aint having it. I unusually stamped my feet & pounted like a child. I didn’t raise my voice though & the only swear word I used was shit, once lol.

Someone said something about me today. Stupidly they said it to me. I should have rose above it but I found it rude. I asked if they knew what they were saying was fact or were they just making an assumption. I know, assumptions are like assholes, everyone has one. Big mistake repeating it to the one it was actually said about. Seriously, who does that & expects to get away with it lol. Retards that’s who.

Me being me I smile & say what’s it got to do with you. It would be so easy to be nasty back. I was brought up to be my own person. I make mistakes just the same as everyone else. I even admit to them. I also do good stuff. I never justify who or what I am. I just never think its necessary. Who cares anyway. I do my shrug thing & point out that I am just me & I really don’t need anyone’s approval. I think I pissed them off by not jumping up & down. Sometimes knowing I’m right has its own rewards.

I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day. I’m meeting my Mother & Sister for lunch. I haven’t seen my Mother for 3wks so should be interesting. Its my Sisters birthday so I’m going to try & play nice. I can feel myself getting tense just thinking about it lol. I so wish I got on better with my Mother but I guess since she stepped out of my life years ago & I let her I just don’t want to. Doesn’t stop me feeling guilty though.



Routine is essential

Should kids have a set bedtime? Mine do. My younger 4 kids have to be in bed by 9pm. No tv, no ipods & no mobile phones. This includes my 13yr old son. He gets cranky if he doesn’t get enough sleep so he’s quite happy with his bedtime. My older 2 daughters at 14 & 16 are always in bed by 11pm. They sit with me & watch tv. During school terms they’re usually in bed at 10pm but that’s their choice.

My next door neighbour isn’t into routine. She hides in her bedroom with her pc whilst her 5 kids take control of her house. I get that she’s a single parent & life is tough but I seriously think kids need routine. They need to have a bedtime. Who let’s kids of 6 & 7 run around their home at this time of night? She proudly told me once that when she goes to bed she puts earplugs in. Seriously!!!! What the fk.

Its past my bedtime anyway. All my children are asleep whilst next doors sound wide awake judging by the noise coming through my walls. Its such a shame that they miss half the day because they go to sleep so late. I often wonder how they sleep with all the noise they must hear from my lot from early morning. Maybe they all wear earplugs lol. Nighty-night.

Long live the common folk

The day Prince George was born was certainly not a quiet day was it? The worlds media had been camped out outside the hospital for weeks. £5,000 a night. Does anyone care that some people actually have to survive on that for an entire year. She was just giving birth wasn’t she??

I know a beautiful little baby called Millie. Born 2 days after Prince George. Her Daddy is an 18yr old man. He does work but all the stuff baby Millie needed was bought by members of his family & his partners family. His money goes on rent, power & food. He can’t drive so she was brought home in her grandparents 10yr old car. Millies Mum couldn’t wait to get home from the over crowded nhs maternity hospital. Not nice to go into toilets where other Mothers blood hasn’t been cleaned up, where the showers don’t work & the baths aren’t cleaned. With food so bad you have to ask your visitors to bring you a Burger King cos even cold is better than the Hospitals food. That’s any nhs maternity hospital not just Glasgows. That’s a reality perhaps Kate would rather not experience.

Millie will survive & have a happy life. Yeh she’ll live in a cramped council house with damp walls & junkie neighbours. She’ll go to a regular Catholic school where she may get a book to herself but will probably share if she’s lucky. Homework will be limited due to lack of books. Her class will be over crowded but that’ll save on the heating. She won’t need to learn her tables & actually why did they ever teach them?? Its a sad reality that our children don’t all have the same rights & privileges as Prince George. Would his Mummy or Daddy even know what to do if the lecky went out. Will his parents ever have to make a choice between feeding themselves or heating their home? That’s a reality for many.

I’m not a royalist, Queen & country isn’t my thing.. What I am is a pretty normal woman who wishes that the world was just a little more equal. Why should we have a family who live in luxury at our countries expense whilst others live in poverty. We as people should all be equal. I personally have more respect for baby Millies Mum & Dad. Dad will be back at work tomorrow & it won’t be long before her Mum returns to her job as a cleaner in the local Indian. Millie deserves the best health care, the best education & the best opportunities that life has to offer. The Millies of this world are all to common. Alas Prince George will have it all through no fault of his. He was born to be King. He will live his “normal” life. If you call going to a private school, having cooks & cleaners, body guards & having medical staff on demand rather than the 2wk wait for a drs app, if that’s ”normal”. Could someone tell me where I can sign my kids up for it thanks..


Counting the days away

Its only 26 days until I go back to work. I had such plans didn’t I? I could blame my kids. What the hell was I thinking having 7 of them. It was so easy when they were all little. Youngest is 9 now & they’re not troublesome kids (lost in france or Eileen I can see light at the end of the tunnel & your not even here anymore). I’ve passed the teenage years with my eldest. He’s got a well paying job, a girlfriend so like me its funny (lazy cow) & if he would stop cursing he’d be almost adorable. Okay I’m biased but he would be. 3 teenagers & they are by far the easiest. Threaten them with a I can take your technology & they shit themselves. Jack does try to slip the odd cheeky remark past but he never quite manages it. I love the stage where they think they’re smart enough to answer back but there brains let them down when out pops the stupid.

The 3 youngest can be challenging. Youngest daughter doesn’t like to strain herself. Think she worries it might mess her hair up. Boys are obsessed with Football. Playing it, watching it or just breathing it. They forget there’s more to life than football but they’re extremely fit & both have fabulous tans lol.

Its not the kids fault then. Nope, it must be me. I could be overwhelmed by the enormity of the list of things needing done. I do try but I get bored & I’m sorry I’d rather be in my garden listening to my wind chimes or reading. Who wants to be tidying out cupboards or laying floors. Okay this house is just to small & the fact that I get easily distracted doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that I am lazy.

I’m now going to have a shower. When I return to my bedroom that car alarm going off outside my bedroom window had better have been switched off. Fkn inconsiderate bastards. Every house & flat looks out onto our road so unless they’re deaf they can hear it. Um o shit just had a thought… Phew, it aint mine haha.

Ni-night world