Uneasy Feeling

Today I realised that my Sister had not had anyone in her house for a fortnight. I thought of my own house. People are always coming & going. I never have a day without visitors. Kids can be so welcoming & I often have young guys who pass me in the hall & I have no idea who they are lol.
Tonight I’m home alone. Jay is unusually out for a Saturday night. My 2 eldest daughters are both having sleep overs & I’m only left with 4 kids who are all fast asleep. God this house is quiet & its not even 10pm. I do have a plan. I’m going to pour a bacardi breezer into a funky glass & take my kindle to the garden. I can sit & relax before going to bed.

Home alone occasionally is fine. I’m not looking forward to the day when all my kids are gone. I know the reason we bring them up is to let them go but my how I’ll miss them. I’m off, ni-night world.