Dunelm, My shopping experience

**   If you want to leave a comment feel free.  Please do not however call me a ‘silly  cunt’.  If I was a silly cunt I wouldn’t be able to get your address location (Halesworth) from your IP address.  Fuck off & bore yourself somewhere else.  Perhaps you could  get yourself a life???

If I’m typing about it its a no brainer; it was crap. It was not a sugar-coated experience. Firstly, what the hell is it with their toilets. Motion activated lights? I wont walk into anywhere that s pitch black. I’m all for saving power but seriously. I’m trying to hold the external door open with my foot whilst trying to activate the sensor inside. I’ve had 8 kids, my bladder doesn’t give me a lot of spare time when it needs emptied. Anyway get the lights on. By the time I get into the cubicle I’m in serious need mode but managed to hold on. It was stinking but clean. Only one sink had working taps but since I was alone it was fine. I would have liked to dry my hands but the hand drier wasn’t working. Drip dry is ok I guess.

In the Birkenshaw store there seems to be one sales assistant to every shopper. 2 sales assistants standing at the made to measure curtains & not a customer in sight. To me that’s a waste of staff. They seriously need to look at changing that. Staff standing about doing nothing is not a good look & its a waste of company money. I wandered about the shop & it was quiet. O except for all the staff.

Best bit about this shop is trying to leave it. I had put a few items in my trolley. No cash desks where open & we all had to queue at Customer Services. Of course the woman at the head of the queue actually had a query so we all have to wait. I hate waiting. I have a tremor & even if I didn’t I’m wasting my precious time. Customer Services put out a call for a Team Leader. Graham appears. Graham should have had a good nights sleep before going to work cos he looked like a half-shut knife. His mouth didn’t seem to want to work & mumbled the answer to the customer. You can order stuff to come into the store but they would just write it down on a piece of paper & chances are it would get lost. better to order it online. This little pearl came from the woman serving at Customer Services. Um, excuse me but if a customer has went to the trouble of actually travelling to your shop I would expect at the very least you’d actually take their order & their money? What do I know. The customer looked confused & just left haha. Me thinks that’s a bit silly to let any customer go empty-handed.

I obviously looked annoyed by the time I got to the Customer Services counter & the assistant apologised for the delay. I never say that’s ok because it’s not. It’s a shoddy way to operate any business but with 2 assistants feet away doing nothing it’s also insulting. I was also pissed that just as the queue starts to move Graham decides to go on a till & shout for the next customer which was me. Graham is an unconcious comedian cos the next customer is always wedged in so its the last person in the freakin queue that moves. You know the one who’s just started queing? I ask for the name of the Duty Manager & get told its Paul. I had seen Paul as I had walked around in the bedding section. He had left an assistant standing with a throw away “I’ll be back”. A good 5mins later she was still standing like a plank. Bit of advice Paul from a woman with a lifetime of shopping experience. If you don’t make sure your customers can pay for goods & get out of your shop swiftly we’re not going to come back. We’re going to take our money & go to another shop & there are others around that sell like for like products.

I left Dunelm Mills and crossed over to another shop called Monarch Interiors. A busier shop with less sales assistants. I spent twice as much in that shop. Paid at the only counter the shop had & still got out quicker. maybe Paul should walk across the road & see how its done 🙂



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