My turn again

Bank holiday Monday. When I awoke this morning I knew it was back. I’m a pro with cellulitis. I can’t even remember how often I’ve had it in the last 12yrs. The pain for me is fine. Its only ever been bad once. Its the chills & the fuzzy head I can’t handle. I can’t even describe the fuzzy head except to say it feels like a glitter ball is spinning in my head.

So I know my Drs surgery is closed. Its a small area above my knee so I don’t think a hosp visit is necessary. I do have spare antibiotics in a handbag. Could I remember what handbag? Nah, that would be to easy lol. Find them eventually so have started them. I would tell anyone with an attack of cellulitis to visit there drs surgery as soon as the redness appears but mine has always been very small & doesn’t spread far. I have spare antibiotics for days when my surgery is closed. Everyone has different symptoms & it can get serious so if in doubt get it checked. Don’t waste time, the minute you feel a hot inflamed area that’s inflamed see someone & don’t think it has to be on a wound site. Mine rarely are, actually mine has never been near any wound.

Tomorrow morning I will telephone my surgery & hope I get a prescription. Failing that I can waste a Dr’s time, show him what I already know & then get my script. I’m always amused that despite being a frequent sufferer of the condition Drs like to check, like I’m ever going to be wrong.

So a week off work for me. The pain is ok but my leg feels like its twice the size it normally is. The fatigue that goes along with it though makes work difficult. I’m telling myself its okay to take time off when I feel unwell. I’m a volunteer so its not like I get paid. I do feel guilty though. I’m off to bed. Nighty-night