Changing Seasons

We had a freezing cold, wet halloween. For the first time in years I ran out of sweets. Resorting to just fruit was met by disgruntled kids & amused parents. You just can’t please them all. I was amazed by the number of parents who escorted there kids about this year. Its almost 11.30pm & its just the drunks who are roaming in my street. If the rain comes on hopefully they’ll go home.

Now that my enthusiasm has worn off I’m not sure how I am tbh. My colleagues have been checking up on me to see if I’m okay & a couple of my friends have offered to visit but despite missing grown-up interaction I haven’t actually missed any of the people I normally see in my day to day world. That little thought is a bit sobering. Ah fuck maybe the boredom of daytime tv has begun to rot my brain.

I’m off to sit on my sofa with a pink fluffy blanket & watch my baby child sleeping. I just wish he’d go to bed & as if on queue my wind chimes are tinkling. Sweet dreams.


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