Changing Seasons

We had a freezing cold, wet halloween. For the first time in years I ran out of sweets. Resorting to just fruit was met by disgruntled kids & amused parents. You just can’t please them all. I was amazed by the number of parents who escorted there kids about this year. Its almost 11.30pm & its just the drunks who are roaming in my street. If the rain comes on hopefully they’ll go home.

Now that my enthusiasm has worn off I’m not sure how I am tbh. My colleagues have been checking up on me to see if I’m okay & a couple of my friends have offered to visit but despite missing grown-up interaction I haven’t actually missed any of the people I normally see in my day to day world. That little thought is a bit sobering. Ah fuck maybe the boredom of daytime tv has begun to rot my brain.

I’m off to sit on my sofa with a pink fluffy blanket & watch my baby child sleeping. I just wish he’d go to bed & as if on queue my wind chimes are tinkling. Sweet dreams.


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A simple note to self

Such a simple thing. Do not under any circumstances allow myself to run out of decaff coffee. I ran out early yesterday morning & it wasn’t replaced until 3pm. I was still feeling the effects at 1.25am this morning. I did however managed to sleep for 5hrs without getting up which was fab. Once awake I felt like I’d slept for 12hrs.

Still sleeping in my sitting room & I’m loving it. No “stuff“ and it looks bare which is growing on me. Very clean but bare. Its weird having an empty fireplace but it won’t last forever. My room is ready for my flooring although I’m thinking why change it lol. I am changing it cos well, its bought now.

My enthusiasm for today might be because we have brilliant sunshine. Whatever the reason I haven’t let it go to waste. My toilets have been scrubbed. Yippee my toilet bowls are gleaming. Yep I know its a tad odd to stress about my toilet bowls. Noddy once told me I’m a bit crazy & he meant it as an insult but do I care? No hahaha. Normality for me is being wacky on the inside with a normal exterior & I get away with It.

My day for house shit is over. Today I gave my kitchen some tlc. Wish I hadn’t bothered but kids need fed & so the mess should be taken care off by whoever is on kitchen duty. I’m so glad I’m not on my rota. This week may have been boring but its been an eye opener as far as kids & there morning mess. I don’t usually notice it but jeez they leave everything at there bums. I usually rush out behind them & just don’t notice till I return. At least I’ve had a heads up on it this week.


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My fault

If I had an important letter that I had to return I would put it somewhere safe. I wouldn’t leave it on my fireplace then whine when someone moved it. I had years of that shit from Mr Bean. He’d leave things down & sulk for days when he couldn’t find them. His eldest daughter is exactly the same. She managed to lose a letter today & swears she left it on my fireplace. She didn’t & I know this because I removed everything from my fireplace. I admit I bin everything but there was no envelopes. No papers at all.

I’m left feeling stressed & anxious. She’s out in the pissing rain going through the bags I created whilst clearing my sitting room. I feel responsible & I didn’t even see the bloody letter. Is it a parent thing to feel its our fault even when its not. Worse thing is when it turns up wherever she did put it she won’t even think about apologising to me.

I spend all of this morning clearing crap & my eldest daughter is going through it. I’m seriously annoyed with her. I think a family meeting is in order. Mr Bean never took responsibility whenever he lost stuff but I’m determined my children will.


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I am so bored this week. I’m wishing I was at work. My antibiotics seem to be taking forever to kick in & despite taking my beta blockers my tremor doesn’t want to leave me. Its been a few years since my tremor has been this annoying. I decided today the best thing to do was nothing.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm washing still needed done & kids needed fed today. My house is getting minimum effort & its showing signs that its as tired as I am. My poor toilets have only been getting bleach glugged down them rather than their normal scrub. Fingers crossed I’m better by next week & I can get back to normal. Cellulitis is becoming most tiresome. Its typical how you get ill just when you could do without it. I hate sods law.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I’m supposed to be getting my wooden flooring laid in my sitting room. How was I to know I was going to get ill. I’ve not moved a thing out & I have lots of things lol. I’m thinking I need a day to clear & a day for the flooring but its not like I’m paying to have it done so I may have to suck it up & just get it done. Well I could moan but since someone is prepared to do it I shouldn’t really complain.

Its time for me to sleep. I’ve been having some weird dreams recently. I’m sure I read if you dream about someone you know they’re thinking about you. Jeez a lot of people I know must be suffering from insomnia this week cos I’ve seen loads in dreamland. nighty-night world


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