I watched the news last night as the pictures of The Clutha pub in Glasgow started to appear. It looked surreal a pub with a helicopter sticking out the roof. Nice wee pub. I remember many years ago bouncing out of it & walking along for an air dance on the grass verge at The Clyde river. Its a well known pub & most of us will have been in it at some point.

When I wakened up & seen the extent of the devastation I began to feel incredibly proud of the people of Glasgow. Some people would have run for there lives away from it. Glasgow folk are a bit daft. Glasweigns run towards it. The pictures showed people running in. We heard stories of crowds forming a chain to help the wounded leave. We seen a local MP, his clothes with bloodstains on them. He simply looked down & said Its not mine. He’d simply got out his car & ran over to help.

Glasweigns have an amazing ability to just face whatever head on. They dig deep & muck in. We maybe portrayed as drunks who are overly aggressive & that may be true. Glasweigns however are also people who look after their own. In the days & weeks to come as the roads are opened & another story becomes headline news I’m sure the people of Glasgow will be slow to forget.

I’m proud to be a Glasweign & as the rest of the Uk look on I hope they can see why.



Heart stopping moment

Just another Friday night. I get a text asking where my eldest is. In Glasgow I think. You”ve not heard about the helicopter crash. Okay, I don’t panic cos I know my son. My baby child will be safely sitting in a pub. Pissed as a fart but safe. The police helicopter had crashed on top of a pub. Its a good time to panic. What pub. Whilst I’m waiting for an answer I phone Jai. His phone rings out. Fuck phones. I ring it again & he answers except I can’t here anything except blaring music & nothing. I shout I can’t hear anything & it cuts off. He texts with a I’m in the Triangle. . At least he’s in our home town. I’m lucky my son is safe. My thoughts & prayers are for all those who were in Cuthers Bar & the police who were in the helicopter. I’m off to bed with a heavy heart. That pub is always busy & the panic must have been awful.


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So I sit & type out a post about my day. About how I said to someone thanks for thinking about me. He replied o I think about you every day. I over talk when I’m nervous so guess who started saying complete random shit. It would have been impolite to say you’re a weird man who’s freaking me out so I just chatted shit. I was told that I encourage him & maybe I do but I think I should perhaps stop. I don’t take it seriously though, oops.

Anyway my pc decided it didn’t want to publish & it didn’t hit my drafts either so since I can’t be arsed typing it over again. My day was work, a bit of Ronan Keating. A weird guy I shared Faithless with. My plans for the weekend which are mind numbing but I don’t see the point in lying. O and I’m sure I mentioned my annoying habit of over talking when I’m nervous. When I mentioned it to someone they couldn’t believe I get nervous. Most people when they meet me think I’m just hyper. I just leave them with their assumptions. I’m off to my music.

On the approach

We’re on the approach to the weekend, finally. I’m already in bed & since my home is quiet I’m just going to go to sleep.

I’ve ignored the bottles of shower gel on my bathroom window sill. Did you know that if you add a Sure shower gel with Nivea for men you get an Umbro one. My son maybe 22yrs old but he can’t put away a bottle of anything. He doesn’t even have the basic skills to shut the lids!! I do get you may sometimes fancy a change but 3 different ones left out is taking the piss. I’ll hide them tomorrow, say nothing & wait for him to ask.

Okay my day is done. If your American I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. If your not I hooe you had a wonderful Thursday anyway. The idea of giving thanks is a good one. I’m not entirely sure what Americans are thankful for but good idea. Goodnight world.


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Winter sunshine

Would it be enough to just type about our weather? We all live in very different places. Cumbernauld today had cold winds lol. Its Scotland of course we had wind. We didn’t have rain so its been a good day.

I could type about my week so far. I had set my heart on something that I can’t afford. I don’t have a sugar daddy who could give me £500,000 so that little dream is in a new box on my high shelf. I’m thinking maybe I should clear out some of those dream boxes cos that shelf must be mighty crowded. I’ve never worked out how to side step dreams. Is there a way you can erase your wish lists. I might explore that idea. I think it would help declutter my shelf. I’ve only just worked out that its okay to create new dreams with new people even at my age . Okay, I’m gone..