I watched the news last night as the pictures of The Clutha pub in Glasgow started to appear. It looked surreal a pub with a helicopter sticking out the roof. Nice wee pub. I remember many years ago bouncing out of it & walking along for an air dance on the grass verge at The Clyde river. Its a well known pub & most of us will have been in it at some point.

When I wakened up & seen the extent of the devastation I began to feel incredibly proud of the people of Glasgow. Some people would have run for there lives away from it. Glasgow folk are a bit daft. Glasweigns run towards it. The pictures showed people running in. We heard stories of crowds forming a chain to help the wounded leave. We seen a local MP, his clothes with bloodstains on them. He simply looked down & said Its not mine. He’d simply got out his car & ran over to help.

Glasweigns have an amazing ability to just face whatever head on. They dig deep & muck in. We maybe portrayed as drunks who are overly aggressive & that may be true. Glasweigns however are also people who look after their own. In the days & weeks to come as the roads are opened & another story becomes headline news I’m sure the people of Glasgow will be slow to forget.

I’m proud to be a Glasweign & as the rest of the Uk look on I hope they can see why.