My day was fine. My evenings been a bit strange. I found a chunky milky bar on my coffee table. I asked everyone if it was there’s. I assumed the owner didn’t want it since they all said no. Its Friday night so I dedided to open it. I don’t like milk chocolate but white I like. One square led to almost half the bar. My eldest son came in & told me it was his gf’s. Um I had eaten her chocolate. Not a problem I can buy her another. Except my son texted her & told her. Thank fk I’m his Mother. He doesn’t get that until he marries her I have the power. She texted me that she hoped I enjoyed it. I would translate that to you stole my choc you fkn bitch but lalalala I don’t care.

I come upstairs & I can hear a tv. 2 of my younger sons are still awake & watching the film Jaws. They obviously didn’t like it because when I told them to turn it off they did without complaint, Now all I need is the drunks across the road to shut up & I might get to sleep before midnight. During the week I turn my phone off so that it comes on at 7.30am when my alarm goes off. If I leave it on it often freezes & I over sleep. We have no footy until 10am tomorrow which means I don’t need an alarm, In Jacquis world it means I can leave my phone on cos if it freezes its no big deal. Perhaps I should worry because to me that makes sense in my head? I’m off to sleepy land where I don’t want to see anyone thumping about in my dreams or worse, standing staring at me with folded arms & a menacing look. The menacing guy is very strange. He just stands looking at me. He’s not someone that I know & yet he’s there. At first I thought he was quite scary. He’s big & bulky. I see him quite often so I dismiss him except I’m aware he’s there. Fk a blog stalker & now a dream stalker. Haha I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams.


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