The think tank

I think it was a bad idea to have a bath before I go to bed. My bath takes ages to fill. By the time I get into it I’m already in a bad mood. I’m seething about one of my friends. Long story short she’s taken her hubby back after he decided that he didn’t want to split & he’s not ready for a divorce. Okay it might just be me but he told her he didn’t love her anymore. He said he wanted a divorce. Is that the kind of thing people say in the heat of the moment? For me that would be a deal breaker.. Jeez, she took him back. Okay so no divorce. Once he puts his hand down his trousers & finds his balls I’m sure he’ll change his mind – again. Both of them have been married before. How the hell can you get divorced once & then contemplate doing it for a 2nd time. Once is a mistake. Twice is just plain stupidity. Surely if you fk up once your not going to do it again. I’m off to bed with the words dumb fkrs flashing in my head. Nighty-night world.


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