Over & over

I seem to be forever filling the fruit bowl that sits on my kitchen. I’ve taken a photo just to remind myself that I do try. Happy Friday x

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Quiet day

Sometimes I remind myself that I’m a volunteer at work. I normally work Mon-Fri & sometimes I take a day off just because. Today was one of those days. I realised last night that despite my good intentions Jacqui doesn’t always do what’s right. I’d started to accumulate clothes for washing in a corner in my room. I don’t want piles of laundry but its one of my things lol. So, I went out and bought a laundry basket. I measured the space its intended for & found exactly what I needed. I brought it home & realised the space has stuff in it that’s not quite ready to move. A picture with a frame needing a final coat of paint & a newly painted vase I don’t have room for. Yep, I’ve over purchased which is typical of me lol.

I still have drawers to paint but my bedroom is pretty much done. Okay I admit the 84 pairs of boots are still waiting to be sorted but if I can accumulate 84 pairs of boots I figure they deserve to sit in bags unti I can find some where to store them. I have no idea how many pairs of boots a woman supposed to have but I’m guessing I may have a few to many. In my defence I don’t own one pair of shoes, not even a pair of trainers so I would use the shoe allowance on boots.

Before I head to bed I’d like to remind you guys that tomorrow at 11am in the UK we’re doing a thumbs up for. Stephen Sutton a young man who was raising money for the teenage cancer trust. Stephen sadly died last week after losing his own cancer fight. I followed his story on Facebook. I had prayed for his recovery & like so many of us felt sorrow for all who knew him when he died. I’m sure his parents will get great comfort from the pride they must feel for the boy they loved. He was an inspiration. Nighty-night.


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Slow progress

Its hard to remember what my bedroom looked like last week. A tip is pretty accurate. This week its looking so much better. I sometimes catch sight of it through my open door as I walk past. I feel totally surprised usually & I walk away happy.. My new blinds are very sleek. No mess, no fuss just exactly right. In contrast my huge crystal chandelier is very bold & ott. I put the light on & the crystal dance around my walls. I can’t help but smile.

My wardrobe is nearly complete. Primer took nearly 2 days to dry. I’ve sanded my wardrobe so much I’m surprised there’s any wood left. One. more coat of paint & its job done. Just another 3 sets of drawers & my huge bed to paint. I will finish this room & soon. I might even put curtains up since I bought them.

Kids have been very patient. I think they realise a nice bedroom is something I really want. They may not help but they do visit with cups of decaf in hand. They know where I am & at points today they’ve all sat on my bed chatting. I’m actually going to miss being busy just for me.

I already have my next project lined up. I had hoped to start my bathroom but my 3 younger sons need there bedroom decorated. I’ve got new bunk beds & drawer units so might as well do it whilst they’re feeling they can agree on how it should look. I’m thinking if I can keep my momentum going by the time I’ve went round my entire house it’ll be time to start again. I’d forgotten how much enjoyment I get from painting. I just hope the enjoyment lasts until I’m finished. Bedtime I think.


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One child down

My 3rd son went off on a school trip this morning. He left this morning with a shining face & a bag almost as big as himself. He’s only gone until Friday but I’m already missing him like he’s been gone a month. having made dinner tonight I almost shouted on him to come & get his. he’s one of my quieter children & yet theres an emptiness without him. His brothers & sisters don’t seem to miss him at all. Its strange how taking one of them out of the equation makes little difference to them all. I just feel like one of my jigsaw pieces has been lost. I can’t wait until he’s back.