i’m staying away from Facebook so I’m a touch bored, obviously..


Just another day

If I’m being honest I’m glad today is almost over. My Dad would have been celebrating his 76th birthday today. I resisted the temptation to visit his grave. I went earlier in the week so. As to avoid it. I don’t think I appreciated how when the light goes dim when you know someone you love is dying its never quite the same again. A little of the shine of life for me died when he did. The world just keeps turning & despite wanting to hit pause you just can’t.

This life thing just keeps going. I still laugh & giggle at the silliest of things. I still get annoyed & frustrated. I still say his name because I hate not saying it. What I don’t do is think I can’t cope without him. I don’t ever worry about mistakes cos Dad told me every mistake you make is a step closer to getting it right. I get more right now than I ever did. I know you can’t celebrate a birthday when someone is dead but today I really wished he wasn’t. Ni-night world.


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