Its almost done

It feels really weird sitting on my pc chair typing in this space. I like posting from my bed haha. I thought I should at least try & get this blog back up on my old pc. I was beginning to think if I didn’t do it, I never would. I do admit I’m still a stats junkie. I have my morning routine. I Check my emails, pop into Facebook, my bank & my stats. I’m always amazed that whilst I’ve been asleep people in the UK have visited here. Seriously people, why at 6am in the morning would you have a look in someone’s blog. I’m tempted to type get a life (oops, I just did). I am glad that they at least take a holiday.

So in the words of Barry Manilow life goes along as it should. All very nice just not very good. My dislike of June is quickly followed by my dislike of July. Dad’s birthday in June is shadowed by the anniversary of his death in July. I sat at his grave this week & asked has it really been 3yrs? Yep, no answer. I chose to ignore the blasted tears welling in my eyes. I don’t cry at his grave anymore & yet sometimes, they appear when I’m not prepared for them. I waited until I got a grip before leaving. I guess I would sum it up by saying it gets easier, except it never really does. Thats the best I’ve got along with death sucks but that will never change.

On a brighter note one of my online buddies got married at the weekend. We met in a Mums forum many years ago. We’re like mirror images of each other in personality & I’m so very glad that she’s finally found happiness. Sadly, I didn’t manage to get to the wedding but pictures have been seen & I’m sure she’ll be very happy. Okay, I’m tired of typing lol. I’d forgotten that engaging the brain is required for this shit. You may have noticed that I have posted some stuff but kept it private. I don’t want to share some things so I wont. Ni-night world.