Here’s to you

**Originally posted exactly a year ago.  If I’d known who it was I wouldn’t have typed this entry.  Here’s to you?   Seriously, that doesn’t apply to you.  I try hard to wish you well but honestly,  I hope to God you have the life you deserve,.

I was reminded tonight of a saying my Dad used to say. He said never give up on something or someone you can’t go a day without thinking about. I try to live by those words. Things don’t really matter to me. People do. I’m very lucky in that I have most people I think about around me. I think its sods law that someone creeps into my thoughts almost everyday that I never see. I hope they’re well. I hope they’re happy & I hope they have everything they ever wanted. I don’t need to see them to never give up wanting the very best for them.

I should thank the person who visits my blog most nights. Its there fault my old Dads saying popped into my head. If I’ve posted, they’re here. Rarely do they miss. Bless they go through every new entry & I hope they listen to my music lol. I know they visit between 9pm & 10pm. I check my stats at 10pm just to check they’ve looked. Whether I’ve posted or not they visit & so do I. I’m blown away by the commitment they show. I’m stopped thinking its weird. I feel strangely reassured that they care.  I think I shall call them my plus 1. Whoever you are, its nice knowing your around.


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