Too cute

Kids know how to embarass us parents.  Last night I had a groovy time with my 10yr old.  We went to parents evening for another child.  Youngest was being cheeky so I said ” I beg your pardon”.  He replied with “have you turned down your hearing aid again”.  Yeh cute.

On speaking to my 17yr olds Maths teacher I commented that sometimes she didnt appear to have grasped the basics.  He stumps up “Sometimes she asks me for help but she wont learn if I help her”.

He knows everything like most young kids.  We’re walking back to the car (I walk, he runs) & i tell him to pull his trousers up.  Not everyone wants to see your Spongebob boxers I shout after him.  He stops & turns around.  O God I think.  Just because yours are always black he screams & so is your bra.  I so wanted to scream he means black as in the colour, not that they’re dirty.  Love that little munchkin but guess who’s getting left at home next week for the next one.  Yeh me, he can obviously handle them lol..