Facebook is doomed

I  worry about what Facebook knows about me.  I’m very careful about what I share but you never know who’s looking.  In my house we all leave our Facebook pages open.  I occasionally get fraped but the very worst I’ve had is sitting in a bath sucking my big toe whilst covered in peanut butter (thanks Jamie).   A few weeks ago one of my kids unblocked everyone I’d ever blocked.  Did they tell me?  Did they fuck.  I got 2 friends requests from people I knew where on my dark fk off side before I knew anything.  On checking I didn’t have anyone on block.  I suspect it was my son Jack but since I couldn’t prove it I had to let it go.  My block list has been created.  I had so many on block I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but that life.  My privacy settings are now set high.  People can search me but whether or not they find me is a different story.  I sometimes question why I’m there.  I way to old to be pouting or doing selfies.  I have a mobile & everybody important knows my number so I tend to ignore pm’s..  O I remember why I’m on Facebook.  I follow the drama of my kids lives.  They are far more interesting than any soap opera.  Kids share far more on Facebook than they would in reality.  I know who’s going out with who.  i know when friends fall out & why.  I know when my eldest is arranging a night in or out & I know all I need to know without asking.   I have 700 friends & I have no idea how the hell I got so many.  I get all kinds of weird shit on a daily basis & if I see one more guys penis I swear I’ll send it to everyone on his friends list.

I do know my time on Facebook is coming to an end.  The technical world has moved on.  We should all be using snapchat & instagram.  I don’t use either haha.  I’m being left behind & I don’t care.  I’m refusing to give up my wee blackberry.  I don’t need an all dancing smartphone.  I hate touchpads & I use one for 5hrs ever day in work.  I’m old school I like keys.  I know where I am with a keyboard.  I’m off to log out of facebook & remove my password from my personal laptop.  No I don’t use an ipad or a tablet.  I’m old school & proud.  Peace out..