Personal vent

Okay I could be annoyed more than I should be because I only had 5hrs sleep but the Scottish Education system sucks.  When our children reach the age for standard grades & highers they must complete in class assessment called NAB’s when they finish every unit.  If you don’t pass a Nab you get one resit & if you fail your basically fucked in that you won’t be presented for the exam.  My eldest daughter has struggled this year with Biology.  She frequently needed those resits but always passed.  Her final NAB had been resat but what I didn’t know was she hasn’t had the result.  Will she sit her exam or not?  I have no idea & neither does she.  I did offer to contact school but she’s said her teacher just avoids talking to her.  That little gem left me seething.  My daughters attitude of huffing out the room totally pisses me off.  It a family trait that I think is genetic.  Why the fuck can’t kids just get the genes that actually mean something.  The huffy, walk away gene is both cowardly & boring.  I just find it incredibly old & uncool.  Me no like uncool lol..

I dislike mid week drinking.  Last nights jaunt left me hoarse with a slightly delicate feeling which I rarely get.  5hrs in bed really isn’t enough for me.  I got a call on my mobile this morning at 7.30am.  It went like this Jacqui, where are you?  In my bed?  O I thought you’d be up by now he said.  Um no, I’m still in bed.  O it was just to answer the question you asked yesterday.  I replied that fine, I’ll phone you later.  I won’t.   No point in staying in bed so got up & drank some fizzy juice,it didn’t help.  I’m tired, narky & kids are expecting a homemade chicken curry for dinner tonight.  I can’t wait for bedtime.

O & useless info I need to remember.  Most women need to get their eyebrows waxed every 6wks. I’ve had mine done every 4wks for years because if I don’t I look like I have 2 bushy hedgehogs on top of my eyes.  When my hair got wild & unruly so did my eyebrows.   Apparently the girl who does my eyebrows says its most unusual.  O & I have to stop pulling my eyebrows out at the corner of my left eye.  I know I do it & I can’t help it.  I do it when I’m either concentrating or when I’m nervous.  Its such a hard life.

**We’ve since discovered that Jennifer will be able to sit her higher biology exam since she passed her final NAB.  I feel like asking her whats the point since she cant be bothered studying.