Me no like…

I often get calls from a private number on my mobile.  They listen as I say Hi then hang-up.  I feel my heart sink when I see its a private number & I’ve started to just reject them.  I even get them through the night.  O God I hope its not someone missing me haha.  How sad would that be & what a complete waste of time.  I guess the little minion is right.  I personally don’t like being fkd about & I refuse to give people brain space unless I believe they deserve it.   My time is precious & I’m not wasting it.aint that the truth


How to tackle the ironing pile

I was chatting to someone this morning who admitted to having an enormous ironing pile.  I’m one of those women who just don’t get ironing piles.   I wash, dry & iron everyday.  I don’t ever not.  That means the washing is completed & I never get overloaded with ironing.  I have been in family & friends houses who have ironing baskets & I could never understand the concept of having clean washing sitting in a basket waiting.   I however get clean ironed clothes on my table but thats’ironing a whole other blog post lol.  Do the washing, get it dried & iron it.  No messing about, no feeling guilty & the job is done.  I would never be chair high in ironing..

For you

I’m not impressed.  Did I not tell you to block that woman from your Facebook page.  She’s sitting laughing since she has just accessed it from her new shiny laptop.  I’m sitting in the corner huffing (with the wine, o yes).  Its a simple instruction.  I’m sure you know how to block & if you don’t learn.  Just amuse me. Although K says she just looks to check your okay, I personally find it a bit creepy.  Just block her for a while, a week even.   Shortest blog post ever hahaha.

Simple can be so difficult

One of my daughters decided to bleed one of my radiators whilst I was at work£. Its a simple job what could go wrong. Okay Mum usually does it & I’m guessing she figured how hard can it be. She took so much water out of my heating system that my pressure dropped to zero & my boiler shut down. No sweat I thought since I knew the filling loop was on. I hadn’t reckoned on some clever gas engineer taking the tap off. Seriously, some fud had removed the tap haha. Yeh cos I’m a woman I must be to thick to work an adjustable spanner & yes I do have one in my very own toolbox (proud moment for my Dad in heaven, I still have a fully stocked toolbox). Job done & heating is back on.

I really should clean out my boiler cupboard. To get to the boiler I had to move a fireplace & fire. A mirror that’s bigger than I am. Various paintings & a single mattress & I have no idea why I have a mattress in a cupboard. I get these great ideas to stash things when actually I should really be binning them. I call them my Adrian moments & I know you have no idea who Adrian is which makes it even funnier. Night.

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No good in goodbye

 Annie was one of our customers.  She was 94yrs old & a lovely woman.  She was still very independent & thought Cd’s were fantastic.  She’d buy a few every week & the last Cd she bought was The Script.  Annie died last week & I hope she’s rocking in heaven.  Its weird to think I’ll never see her again.  I’ll miss her smile.

Breathing through the teenage years

Teenagers.  Its a phase I so looked forward to.  I thought the pre school years where tough but I had no idea how difficult the teenage years would be.  3 teenage boys, 3 teenage girls & the youngest child from hell.  I’m constantly hearing raised voices & blood curdling thuds.  I speak in a quiet voice & no one listens.  I bellow & still no one listens.  Do teenagers all have problems with their hearing or is it just mine??  When 4pm hits its like a explosion of chaos replaces the calm that I get for an hour before they came home.  Dinner time can be a nightmare of wants & don’t wants.  Attitudes have replaced the cuddles I used to get.  Best I can hope for now is the grunting stage will visit one of them soon.  Every other Mother has been visited by the strop to the bedroom phase & I want it.  I’ve decided that if anyone wants me I’ll be in my garden blowing bubbles & if anyone dares to bother me I’ll throw a tantrum they’ll never forget..