Purple Rain

  I’ve always loved this song.    Prince.org  “Prince has always said the meaning is there if you look for it.We can sit all day and discuss them and argue the point, but all we will find is we all find something different that he tried to express.”Purple Rain” is about facing your problems and fears in life,looking for solace in those around you instead isolating yourself in self pity and doubt.  You always find people running away from the rain, but it’s only water,so why the panic? Rain is the perfect metaphor for what he was trying to express.  I always got it but then I’m smart.  Talking of being smart, I’m not loving what you’ve done Noddy.  Its not clever or smart.  Its irritating & way to late to be playing a double bluff.

I’m a bit fed up being mugged off today.  I’ve had an overload of bullshit  & I’m going to see if sleep helps.  Sweet Dreams..