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When is it over??

its been a bitch of a Sunday.  I’ve just about made it through but I honestly didn’t have the energy for today.  I’ve still to do my school uniform ironing then I can finally shower & go to bed.  Tomorrow is another Monday (yipee!!).  Weekends are travelling way to fast.

**I suddenly realised that my ‘Mr Brightside says’ entry hasn’t been read.  Thats because I didn’t give the clue to the password did I?  The password is super easy.  What is the street name where my sister lives.  One word, that’s it.   Hit the title into the search box, type the password & read.

Anyway its been a long day.  I’ve got oodles to iron so I’m gone.


Just me…

just me

It’s me.  I came home & switched on my laptop.  It booted to my screensaver & I just sat looking at it lol.  I couldn’t work out what had happened.  Instead of my ‘I wish you enough’ quote there was the above picture.  Omg, no make-up, hair a mess & you can’t even see my fantastic eyebrows.  I wish people would stop messing about with my stuff.  O well at least I smiled back.  Goodnight world, have fantastic dreams..


That’s life

no faith

I had a fabulous day with my Sister.  We didn’t go out.  We didn’t drink any alcohol but we laughed lots.  We even created a new animal.  We decided to call it Cameep.  A cross between a camel & a sheep.  I decided that the camel would be the dominant one so that’s why its first haha.  We had great fun.  Sister decided that I need to move away from black & white.  I’m not one for embracing the grey but I guess I could try.  I’m a if you’ve got something to say just say it type.  I don’t get suggestion & I don’t try to mind read.  I’m me & I try hard to be a kind decent human being.  I do try my best & sometimes it’s not enough.  Sometimes though someone gives me an unexpected smile or a thank-you.  I love the simple things in life.

This has been Saturday.  My eldest daughter bought me a bottle of wine for tonight.  I very much appreciated it but I’m not into drinking right now.   I’m done for tonight.


Its a plan

off colourSo I’ve one more washing to do before I can say I’m finished for the day.  Washing will need to be put in tumble dryer but that should cut down the need for ironing.    I’ve still to change 3 beds but that’s a breeze.   Once my beds are done I’m finished for the day.  Anything that’s not been done will just have to wait for another day.  Tomorrow I’m determined to clear out my Sisters bathroom.  Who keeps a duvet in there bathroom?  It’s an annoyance & I will tidy it if it kills me.  I actually hate her bathroom but I’m hoping if I clean it it’ll make me feel different.  If it was my bathroom I’d have ripped it out & started again.

I’m feeling a bit off colour today.  I keep trying to shake the feeling but it’s hanging around like a bad smell. It could be because I didn’t sleep much last night.  My own fault for drinking caffeine yesterday.  I need to make sure I don’t run out of decaf coffee.  I’m going to do what I have to do, wait for kids to settle down & head to bed.