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Party. party

I’m off out tonight. This is for you my little searcher. I’m going to post an entry for you that you can pick up in the morning . The password I have chosen is simple & I know you’ll know it. Do not read the entries out of sequence & you’ll understand when you get it.

For everyone else who reads I had a long day. Half was taken up by a hospital appointment that took way longer than it should have. At least I didn’t have work so that was a blessing. I’m off to have some well earned fun.


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I don’t care

dad 1

I don’t care how long my Dad has been dead.  I don’t envy those people who can go days, weeks, months or years without giving a thought to those who’ve died.  I think about my Dad every single day.  I can imagine my big sister saying ‘it’s been 4yrs, get over it’.  Their is no substitution for a Dad.  Dad’s are irreplaceable or at least mine was..

Doing grey

wearing grey for the day

Tomorrow is wear it grey day.  For one day I will be wearing grey.  Brain Tumour awareness may not matter to many but it matters to me.  I didn’t dwell on the disease I appreciated & treasured the last 3 weeks I had with my Dad.  I thanked God for my Dad’s continual humour & wit.  He gave out so many pearls of wisdom throughout my life.  It’s sod’s law what kills you off.  It just happened to be those nasty huge tumours in his brain.



migraine aura

I’m sitting minding my own business.  It just hit like a brick.  A migraine aura.  I’m feeling sick & actually I’m pretty sure I will be sick.  I hate migraines.  I hate the aura’s more.  Mine last at least 2 hours.  2 bloody hours of flickering shit from the side of my eye.  Will anyone bother making dinner?  That would be a no.  I just hope I get away with an aura without the headache.  Unusually, its at my left eye but who cares what eye it is.  I must look funny sitting typing with only one eye open lol.  It’s seriously making me want to puke (sorry, I’m sharing tmi) It’s distracting & I’m off.


Don’t complicated it..

complicate-happyI love a good happy mood.  I overslept today & only made it to work by the skin of my teeth.  When Mr Manager saw me I swear he drew me a dirty look.  I realised he was talking to his wife.  Perhaps the face was for her.  Whoever it was for I didn’t appreciate it & he didn’t like being called out on it.  I tell everyone don’t give to me what your not prepared to get back.  Some take that as a warning, other take it as a challenge.  One thing I do promise is I always win.  Work was busy.  Mr Manager has an issue with one of his kids so he left which was fine.  I was happy just to be back.

Kids hadn’t killed each other whilst I was away.  Chores hadn’t been done but that’s nothing new.  One of my new mantras is don’t put off what you can do in a nano second.  I’m seriously annoying everyone but well, tough.  I just can’t understand why anyone would just ‘leave’ a simple thing.  Leave a small thing & it’ll become a mound.  Leave a mound it’ll become a mountain.  I’m so done with freaking mess.  I get so frustrated by the silly stuff.  Big sigh.  Despite my big sigh I’m in a great mood (yep, I did type that) & I hope it continues..