A welcome goodbye

Hogmanay is a time to remember the leaving year & welcome a new one. It time to remember people no longer with us who died in 2015. John a lovely man who committed suicide in October. His smiling face & dry wit were a joy. Our Lynda who was like a Mum to me. A woman who had the toughest of exteriors but who had a beautiful heart. She reminded me of me.

I hope everyone who’s reading this (even you, and I do mean you) has a fabulous start to 2016. May God keep you safe, well & happy in the coming year. From me 2 you, have a wickedly fantastic Hogmany. I intend to.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2XFxx_hdIcAs 2015 limps to a close I’m typically mega busy.  Lynda’s funeral arrangements have just been announced & my mobile is red hot with texts & calls.  I’ve got my windows to wash & I’m not even sure why we need clean windows for a New Year.  Hogmanay (and its pronounced Hug-many in Central Scotland) has many strange traditions for me.  Clear out all the bins, have new bedding.  Put all new clothes on before midnight, tear up the old calendar.  Make enough sandwiches to feed my entire street.  Cut the Nerdy buns & plate the shortbread.  Our Cd player is already loaded with the Royal Highlanders pipes & drums Cd.  Us Scots know how to party even if the music is bagpipes lol.  It’s a simple list but things have to be done.  I don’t have n alcoholic drink before midnight.  I will have a pernod & pepsi in my hand as the bells strike.  Then its my time to bite my lip lol.  I’ll raise my glass firstly to John & Lynda.  Gone way to soon.  Then its onto my own people in heaven.  A new year means a turned page.  Lets start afresh & if I ever get a chance to use my phone I’ll post the entry I typed this morning.  If not have a wickedly safe but fun start to 2016.

Would you tell??

I was asked a really interesting question today in work.   If I had a secret would I tell anyone & if so, who.  Do we not all have secrets?  The little or big things few know.  Would we expose ourselves enough to tell anyone them all?  My answer is no, I wouldn’t.  My best friend of nearly 37yrs knows pretty much everything about me.  If i ever had a secret she already knows it.  I don’t need anyone else to know . We can expand that question to secrets that involve other people.  What if someone involved shared something we wouldn’t choose to share. Personally, I wouldn’t like that but I guess shared secrets are harder to keep.  What could we or should we do.  It seemed like such a simple question.  On thinking about if further it became so much more complicated.  Maybe its me wanting to make a simple thing difficult.

My life, my choices.  I wouldn’t say i’ve always made the best or even the right choices.  What i do know is if I wanted to share everything including any secrets, I simply wouldn’t.  I accept all I have done without apportioning blame to myself or to anyone else.   I can’t for the life of me get why you’d suddenly decide to share anything you’ve chosen to keep to yourself.  Perhaps the person who asked the question has a secret that eats away at them.  If I ever had something eating away at me its long gone.   If we can’t accept all we have done, we’re fucked.  I’m a great believer in shit happens not for a particular reason but because, well, shit happens.   Maybe I’m just fortunate that I don’t dwell in the past.  It was a really interesting question & one that we chewed over for a while.  I’m just shrugging my shoulders & getting on with my day..

I should know better

Let me share about my stats.  I love clicking on my stats.  I love to see where people come from.   What I don’t like is repeated hits on one post.  Teeny fae troon is a post from way back in 2012.  Why is it being hit?  Is it being hit by the same person?  The first question I can’t answer.  My theory is its a way to get into this blog.  Maybe putting my name into google search gets boring (I can’t ever imagine that).  The second question is easier to answer.  That’s a yes to the dumbass who keeps doing it.  Stats give your location.  Maybe they don’t realise that haha.  Moving on with my day.

I’ve had a weird start to my day.  Unusually I was wakened up by a text.   I read it & decided it was time to start the day.   I have one person gone awol.  Left without a word to God knows where.  My home must have become a hotel & I wasn’t told.   Downstairs no one is about so down yet more stairs to a sea of dishes.  Why in the fuck can people not wash fucking dishes like they’re supposed to.  It’s a small chore & yet its left half done.  I now have 2 bickering brats squaring up to each other.    I’ve removed all Xbox pads.  The fun is waiting for my son’s to realise that they haven’t lost them.  I have them & I’ll stay silent until they start blaming each other.  I also have the beloved fifa 2016.  It should be a fun day..