I’m asking God

I’m having some family issues that I’m choosing not to type about here.  I’ve opened a private journal for that stuff.  I suspect I’ll be spending oodles of time typing there.  My head is full of broken bottles.  The thing with broken bottles is even if you glue them back together they’re never the same.  No matter how good you are with glue, the cracks are still evident.  I’m sad for my entire family.  Mostly though I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I’ve become so focused on someone else I’m not taking care of myself or any of my other people.  I’m asking God to give me more patience.  I need  to be more understanding.  Most of all I need a great big dollop of courage to get me through.  I really am crap at the tough stuff.  I really am the most chicken hearted woman I know.  It’s unfortunate but I really don’t have a choice.