I don’t like assumptions

mind your business

I love when people talk about me to me.  My brain screams retard alert whilst my face smiles sweetly.  Today I was tempted to say my life is my business.  I was surprised that they’d given my life so much thought.   I should have thanked them for there interest but it was nosiness not interest.  Sad people with nothing better to do irritate me greatly.    As I listened though the life that was being described sounded a lot more fun than mine actually is.  I walked away with a I must go as I’m super busy which was the truth.  People think being super busy is fun.  It’s not, it’s just a hard slog.  I think it funny when people speak with an edge of envy.  We don’t have any idea whats going on in anyone’s lives.  We can guess, we can assume but we don’t ever know.  I don’t give half a fuck (frequently used term of mine) what anyone else has or doesn’t have.  I don’t give that half fuck about what anyone else thinks of me. If I need validation I know how to look in the mirror.     I certainly don’t have sleepless nights tormenting myself with envy.  I’d advise everyone to put there energies into there own lives & stay the fuck out of everyone else’s.  Nothing good ever comes from nosiness.  Night world.