Stay or go??

I’d hate to leave here.  What would my little troll do without me lol.  I wonder if they troll anyone else?  Horrible thought.   It’s the beginning of lent tomorrow & I haven’t decided whether to give up WordPress or not.  If I do they can always hit on my you tube account since they know my full name.  They knew me well enough to catch what kind of mood I’m in from my music choice so they’d get there e-interest massaged.  I wonder if you tube hits are counted as google+ account hits.  I check those as well lol.

So tomorrow is a busy day.  I’ve work and I’ve got a shopping list for eldest & his Gf.  Pots, shower curtains, kitchen utensils.  The list goes on.  It’s a great time setting up your first home.  I’ve deliberately stepped back & have tried to give eldest & his gf space.  I’ve declined the invites to pop round because I’m not the ‘pop round’ type.  I think eldest is feeling miffed that I’m not overly involved.  I’ll maybe point out that I’m not in competition with the other 3 parents who are fawning all over them.  I’m happy they have there own space & much as I love my son I don’t need to see him everyday.

All I have to do tonight is stop creeping out my kids.  I’ve got Mark Morrison singing Return of the Mack blaring out my earphones.  I usually listen to this when I’m in a kick ass mood.  Tonight I’m just enjoying the sound.  Kids are chilled, eldest is settled & my house smells fabulous thanks to my scented candles.  Got to love those yankees…


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