Nasty words,,..

My title is in reference to a dream I had last night.  I obviously followed through from my reality of thinking I’d made a mistake.  It was a bit spooky to have a dream about someone who’s dead.  I hadn’t even met them.  The one time they seen me they had looked at me in a quizzical way.  I didn’t give them much thought tbh.  It’s not my business what anyone thinks of me, alive or dead.  I wonder if my annoyance of being thought of at all is partly to blame for my dream.  Anyway I was “spoken” to.  I had an internal smirk going on.  I always find it cute when youngsters try to lecture people who know far more than they do.  Kudos for having the balls though. I just did some nodding until they got exasperated.  I was struck by how like there parent they were.  They slam dunked me with the you know your totally inconsequential comment. Was that supposed to hurt me I wondered.  I asked if that was true then why are you here.  If that’s true why are you even talking to me.   I was so tempted to ask what the hell was wrong with them.  I wouldn’t waste my time with someone who didn’t matter when I was dead. I was tempted to point out that I deserve peace as much as anyone.  I couldn’t get my head around it. Even with the knowledge that it was just a dream it spooked the hell out of me.  I got up out of bed & wandered into my bathroom wondering what the fuck that was about.  I kept reminding myself it was just a silly dream.  I had already figured out my non importance all by myself.  Nothing quite like getting a conscious thought confirmed in a dream.  Inconsequential is something I have never been called.  I hate to admit it but he really was spot on.  On a positive note one living, breathing, human being thinking that does not outweigh the people who don’t.

Okay, that’s got that out my system.  Today is a full on washing day.  My school stuff had to be re-washed which means I am behind.  My bed has the wrong sheet on it so I need to do 2 loads of bedding.  I appreciate help but a grey sheet with a black duvet cover just doesn’t work.  It’s very simple.  Black duvet cover has a black sheet.  If its a silver grey sheet it should have a silver grey duvet set.  Lamps should be changed when duvet set is.  I currently have purple lamps with black bedding & it’s not rocket science.  I’ll just have to finish my online shop & work my way through the washing.  Kids are preparing to move bedrooms today & I am staying well out of it..



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