The song is always about me

People think I’m vain.  It’s one of those weird perception things.  Its true I’m comfortable with the way I look but that’s not vanity.  I can look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards at work.  I’m pretty sure I must give people a fright some mornings but even at my worst I’m still happy.  I lost my make-up bag 5 weeks ago & have only just found it haha.  I do always wear lippy & mascara.  If I’ve not got mascara on their has to be something seriously wrong with me.  I don’t keep my mascara or lippy in my make-up bag so losing it was no biggy.  I’m of the opinion that what or who you are on the inside shows on your face.  I’m to upbeat to be unhappy with how I look.  This morning when I had a wobble I took a deep breath & got on with it.  I’m not going to type what my wobble was about.  I surprise myself when I feel insecure.  Insecurity isn’t something I really feel often so when it hits me its like an avalanche of self doubt & I hate it.

And now I’m worrying I’m giving to much information about how I think lol.  I’m terribly sorry, I sometimes forget people read.  Tbh some people I interact with make me feel awkward.  I don’t understand why I feel awkward & panic sets in.   I’m pretty sure they think I’ve got stuff covered when in reality, I’m paddling like mad underneath.  I suppose I’m always going to feel socially awkward.  I’m cool with hiding it behind my self assured facade.


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