An unexpectedly good day

I had a boring morning.  It seemed like I got nothing done.  Suddenly this afternoon my world came together.  I have tidy spaces once more.  My kitchen worktops are cleared.  They’re so clean they’re shining.  My kitchen is sorted & it makes my heart swell.  Even my sitting-room is neat & tidy.  The smell of my yankee candles is constant from my ground floor to the very top of my house.  Tonight, i’m a happy bunny 🙂

Yesterday being Mothers Day I went to my own Mothers.  She asked my the question “What did you wash my bedding with”.  O crap I think, here comes the complaint.  I answer with just my normal soap powder & Lenor conditioner.  She replied with which Lenor conditioner because it smells fantastic.  I stood dumb founded.  My Mother actually approves of something that I use.  I now have an extra reason to love my Lenor 🙂

So at the weekend I had a dream (I bet you love reading about my weird, wacky dreams).  My dream was I visited my sisters on a Saturday.  Nothing new there,.  I walk in her front door my normal bright & breezy self.  Strangely she doesn’t respond.  I walk through her living-room door & someone is sitting behind it.  I’m totally flabbergasted & a little peeved.  I had seen this person so often in Kate’s house.  Never in a million years did I expect to see them again.    I ask them if they’d like some wine.  They said yes & I poured the smallest dribble into a glass.  They say nothing & I wink at them.  I don’t do grudges but I’m not up for sharing my wine.  I woke myself up before I knew why I’d had the dream.  I did have the same dream the next night with the reason given; it was Kate’s fault.  It was funny though & if I get more time I’ll type it..  Okay I’m gone.  Night-night.


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