I officially hate Facebook.  I had to update it on my phone which I did as per instructions.  I could see I had 3 messages but could I click on them?  No of course I couldn’t.  I had to load Facebook messenger.  i remember messenger from Windows.  I’m sure I even have a pc tower with saved conversations from years ago.  I swore I would never, ever install any messenger service onto anything again.  I don’t like breaking my promises to myself.  So, don’t receive any Facebook messages or install.  It really was a no brainer.  Against my better judgement I installed it.  Every weirdo I have on Facebook decided to say heeellllooo (don’t ask me why they type it like that).  One guy said heeellllooo every 20 minutes for over 2 hours (lol, still laughing).  It doesn’t seem to matter how often I put on my timeline that I don’t respond to personal messages unless I know people cretins will be cretins.  I wouldn’t mind but the personal messages were from 2 of my kids & a woman I work with.  What’s for dinner Mum could be sent in a text since we all have unlimited texts that’s the easy option.  Maybe my thought process is to simplistic for today’s techno kids. i find Facebook tedious.  I don’t give have a f*ck what someone ate for breakfast or when they’re off to the dentist.  My timeline should say not interested, never have been, never will be.  O unless your one of my children in which case I will stalk your page every day for as long as I live.


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