politenessWork was strange this morning.  A colleague had popped into work on Monday & I was deep in conversation with a customer we both know.  She did look surprised but I’m sure she realises customers come in when she’s not around lol.  On Monday she didn’t say anything to either of us.  This morning she told me to be careful.  I didn’t get what she meant so I chose to ignore it.  She repeated it with a just watch yourself with him & said he could developing a ‘thing’ for me.  When I stopped laughing I told her that I didn’t agree. I really like him & I enjoy talking to him.  I have said in the past that he’s a good looking guy but he doesn’t rock my world in that way.  Isn’t it sad that two people can’t become friends because they’re different sexes.  As I’m typing I’m wondering why she brought it up.  I’d been serving him for years without a word passing between us.   I’m glad we can now talk & laugh together but I have loads of customers I do that with.  We’re both polite & we never cross that invisible line we all have & I wouldn’t want to.   It’s never been suggested that we meet up outside work so why create drama where their is none.  Now whenever I see him I’ll have her words ringing in my ears so I won’t feel comfortable talking. She does know him better than I do so perhaps I should just take her advice.

I realised this morning when doing my  rosary that the rosary I’ve been using was given to me by a friend who recently died.   I don’t know how I’d forgotten that but as I sat praying I thought of her with every bead I passed.  I’m definitely going to keep my morning rosary going.  It’s a great way to start my day & I’ve come to love my morning prayer.  I’m off to put some music in my ears & do nothing.


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