Long Day

I had hoped today would end peacefully but no.  Baby child stropped so no such luck.  I posted The Long Goodbye again because someone had searched it.  It’s not often I see search terms.  My reaction was awww.  I love that song, I rarely listen to it.  I can make myself feel sad for better reasons.  It’s called 2006 in my ipod.  That was a whole other time.   It’s been a pretty quick 10yrs though.   I’m not sure much of who I was then remains.   For good or for bad we change.  However long or short a goodbye is it should be final.  It’s one of those words that can cut you dead & you can’t come back from it.    I rarely say goodbye, the thought of saying it scares me.  The last time I said it was to my Dad who’d just died.  I can still remember kissing him as I said it. (& if my big sister ever finds her way here no, I won’t get over it).  I still wish he was here.    I’m over tired & I’ve pretty much had enough of today.  I think I should just give up & go to bed.  Nighty-night.


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