Today started out weirdly.  Youngest went to school.  I had a major bribe going on & whilst I had my fingers crossed I couldn’t

believe he

actually went.  He did only stay half a day but my view is a half day is better than no time in school.  One of my friends did try to give me advice today, not good advice but he doesn’t have kids. 

I was totally weirded out by Mr Manager today.  We had a sale outside that he was coordinating.  I’d went out to talk to someone else.  Mr Manager came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders & whispered in my ear.  He’s worked with me for nearly 3 years  & he should know I don’t do any type of physical contact.  I felt totally awkward although he didn’t notice.  I walked away totally creeped out.

Not a great afternoon but nothing was broken so that’s a big positive.  Tempers flared but we did end the day calmly.  I’m waiting for a couple of boys to go to bed & I’ll be going to bed myself.  It’s been such a tough week.  I shed way to many tears & I let other people’s stupidity get to me.  I need to stop stressing because I’m going to make myself ill.  Me ill won’t help anyone.  I’m off to bed, nighty-night.

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