Let it go..

forget shit

You know if you were to ask me I’d say the past shouldn’t matter.  We can allow it to spin inside our heads but ultimately whats gone is gone.  I’m sure I realised that before but a huge part  of me wanted it back.  I had a huge dollop of resentment that’s been spoiling life.  I need to just let it be as it is.  Find the biggest, tallest shelf & sit my pretty little box where I can’t reach it.   It’s done because I’m done.  Goodnight.


Promises, promises

I had this internal conversation with myself.  I’m really crap at keeping promises I make to myself.  This song popped into my head,.  Better than the thought so whenever your giving yourself a hard time can I suggest singing this instead :))

If only

Perfectly happy

  Whenever I leave my mobile phone at home I feel a mixture of panic & relief.  I hate mobile phones.  I would live perfectly happily without mine.  I obviously can’t but how happy would I be if I could.  I get phones calls & texts so much & they seriously annoy the hell out of me.  I deactivate my Facebook just to shut the bloody notification up.  I hate instant contact, I seriously hate it.  I hate the fuckers who are so rude they don’t speak.  I hate even more the fucking automated calls that seem to be connected to absolutely fuck all.  Does anyone have time to say hello repeatedly like a bloody echo because I don’t.  I say hi once & hang up.  Anyone you calls my mobile better be ready to speak because I won’t wait.  Everyone who knows me thinks I’m just to old to have a mobile when the reality is I just hate them.  If someone would buy me a Samsung Galaxy S7 though I could be persuaded to change my mine.

And breathe…

What a beautiful day we have in the West of Scotland.  The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting & kids are screaming.  Nothing like the summer sounds haha.  Kids on there way to school.  Parents being dragged along wishing they could be back in bed.  I always missed my kids when I finally dropped mine off.   I hated the long stretched out day that lay in front of me.  Changed days eh.  I wish I could go back, I’d tell my old self not to worry.  Better days were coming.

So I’m ready for my working day.  Despite the sunshine I’m wearing my regulation black.  I really couldn’t have found a better job for me.  I’m still tickled by it & I’m always be surprised at just how much fun I get from interacting with customers.  Who knew shop work could be so fun.  All I need to do is put my mascara on, a bit of lippy & I’m good to start my day:)

I don’t think I’m ready

Another lazy day & I really didnt do much of anything today except sit in my garden.  My little dog can sit outside for hours, I thought it would be nice to join him.   I sat happily watching the sparrows & magpies dancing about on my tree,.  Fudge has the right idea, a space in the shade where he can see everyone walking past.  I should really have been washing & cleaning but today was a day for asking whats the point & only doing the basic minimum.  It worked for me & I don’t mind playing catch up tomorrow.

I’m not really ready for another week.  School & work clothes are all ready so all we have to do is wait for tomorrow.  It’s not often we have a weekend that we enjoyed without any drama.  I wished we’d went away but maybe next bank holiday.



Pretty good

What a wonderful weekend its been.  My OH rarely has a weekend off work.  This was one of those weekends & to have a sunny weekend off is fantastic,  We had lunch out yesterday followed by a lovely evening.   Today has been thoroughly enjoyable with a leisurely start.  Kids are beginning to arrive home in time for dinner.  If I could just give my next door neighbours trampoline a squirt with some wd40 to stop the bloody springs squeaking that would be fabulous. .