I hate complications

So here I am waiting for some friends to come round.  I’ve just been having a conversation with someone & realised I’ve been thrown a curve ball.  Me in my naivety didn’t even see the ball coming so of course I dropped it.  i’m not sure whether the ball was thrown deliberately or not.  Since I don’t believe in coincidence of course it was thrown for me.  I know,   I’m a bit slow but in my defense I don’t really care.  I was just playing wind up with someone I thought was winding me up.  The curve ball is I don’t think its them.  Someone else reacted & I’m not sure why.  Omg I may have misjudged someone but since that would mean they’ve never been in this space much less stalked it I don’t need to care because they don’t read haha.  I’m sure as tonight goes on I’ll make much more sense of it all.  My brain works so much better when I’m drunk.  I hope we all have a fantastic night because I intend to..


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