I was told today that I over talk, like I didn’t know that.  I was a bit shocked that it was said in a critical way.  Now of course I realise sometimes its best just to shut my mouth but I genuinely think that what others see as over talking is often just me communication.   This psychologist may just have found my biggest flaw.   I had to accept that I underestimate other peoples comprehension.  The more it was spoken about the more upset I felt & I know it wasn’t said to upset me but it did.  I guess the way I communicate doesn’t work for everyone.  I totally get that if I do things the same way all the time I’ll get the same result which is obviously what I don’t want.  Talking is a huge part of me.  Take it away and I wouldn’t really be me.  I’d be diluted & I’m not sure I’d like that.  Now I really am getting upset so I’m off…


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