Good enough

It’s weird being in my house alone.  The silence is deafening & I don’t like or appreciate it.  My nose is filled with the various smells of teenagers.  The overload of deodorants, perfumes & aftershaves is to much for my senses.  The Joop aftershave is trying to upstage the perfumes & it’s winning.  The smell is so strong I can taste it.  This means my bathroom will be a sea of dirty towels lingering in a pile on my floor.  I have no room for a laundry box so lets just drop our towels on the floor.  Personally I remove mine but maybe that’s a Mum thing. A little job to be done at home time.

I haven’t really mentioned how life is going have I.  Given that this is a personal blog perhaps I should.  Life is going okay actually.  Its neither worry or stress free but the sinking feeling I was waking up to every bloody morning has gone.  It’s been replaced by a what will be attitude & for the last fortnight what will be has been okay.  Never expect any better than okay because I dont, ever.  Okay means me & mine are surviving with no great drama.  That’s brilliant for me.  I get to go meet my strangers every day & forget about my family responsibilities.  When I’m here I’m totally here but work gives me something to concentrate on.  I do miss my eldest son but I know he’s in his yellow happy bubble and I couldn’t wish for more for him.  I’m proud of the man my Jamie has become.  There is no edge, no agenda & what you see with him is what you get.  He’s way to like his Mother.  My wish for him was that life became all that he wants it to be.  I got my wish so I couldn’t ask for any more.   I’m off to have a great day 🙂


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