Miracles do happen

I came upstairs thinking my bathroom would be a mess.  Kids have been in &  out the shower as normal tonight.  When I opened the door I was amazed.  Not a thing out of place.  No bottles at my bath.  No towels on my floor.  Even my toilet had been cleaned.  It’s funny how despite me wanting someone to clean my toilet bowl I still did it lol.  I won’t ever mention it to them.  It might never happen again.  Tonight it felt like a miracle & that’s good enough for me.  Now I really am going to bed happy.

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Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams

Someone gave the new guy in work my mobile number & he decided to start texting at dinner time.   I hate when work comes home with me.  The good news is he understood the one letter text of k.  k = fuck off and  I got peace for the rest of the night.  It’s been a mega long day & I’m tired.  Sweet dreams :))

Just one more sleep

I’m on the home straight to my time off.  One more sleep & I’m done for eight weeks.  No more challenging colleagues, no more smiling when I feel like swearing.  No more Mr Manager with his pragmatic attitude towards everything & everybody.  No more Mr Newbie Manager with his head stuck up his arrogant arse.    I now how the charity sector works but it’s fun listening to a self indulgent twat who doesn’t. This morning we got a set of hospital discharge papers delivered in error.  The gentleman was born in 1935 & unfortunately I knew of him.  He knows my Mother & she used to talk about him.  I had read them before I realised I shouldn’t have.  I quickly re-directed them to the hospice.  God knows that was a reminder if I ever needed one to why I do what I do.

I intend to be a little self indulgent for a couple of days.  I’m going to kick back and do nothing, well, nothing that involves thinking.  When Monday hits it’s time to start those jobs I never get around to.  I’m not going to beat myself or my children up.  I just need to change our routines so that my house doesn’t fall apart whilst we’re out of our normal routine.  It makes sense in my head lol.   Tomorrow is a full on work day.  If I manage to set my alarm & get out of bed on time that’ll be a great start 🙂


blue nails

I may not wear acrylic nails anymore but I still like beautiful nails.  My current favourite is Butler Please by Essie.   Superdrug for less than £9.  Two coats, gel top coat & doesn’t it look fantastic.  Now I got to sit & wait for them to dry & then I really am going to bed 🙂