Bad manners

When I got home from work yesterday my eldest son was already in my garden boozing.  He kept drinking & as with all the men I’ve ever know his tongue loosens the more he drinks.  He moaned about his upcoming engagement party (nothing new).  Then it slipped out; Natalie is going to give flowers to her Mother & her boss at the party.  I turned and looked at my first born replying are you taking the piss.  Um no and then he stumbled over his words.  Her boss had organised the cake.  Her Mother had organised the caterer & I had done nothing for the party.  Both obviously deserving although organising isn’t paying. So whilst the flowers are being given out I suppose I’ll just be polishing the fanny tattoo I have on my forehead.  I don’t remember either her Mother or her boss contributing to there keep when they lived with me.  Actually no one did.  It’s funny how the shine has obviously rubbed off me now I’m no use to them..  I’m thinking what a pair of cheeky gits whilst wondering how tacky an engagement present I can find.  I can’t believe they think I won’t take that omission as an insult because I do & I will act accordingly.  I did think of rolling over & playing dead.  I also thought of rising above it but that would be me disrespecting myself.  I think the mature thing to do is show my disdain in silence..


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