Blah, fkn blah

I wonder who’s job it is in your house to clean out the fridge.  My little darlings are in & out of my fridge more often than I am.  Does anyone think of cleaning it?  Maybe moving an out of date item to the bin.  Nah of course they don’t.  I had an online shop due today.  I was pretty sure we needed food.  When I opened my fridge it was telling a different story.  It looked packed.  2 huge bin bags later & it’s obvious if I don’t do it, no one does.  They put ridiculous things back like half a tomato or leave a packet open so the contents go crusty (my pet hate).  I put the entire contents  on   my huge kitchen table & got on with cleaning it.  I have endless bags of salad & iceberg lettuce.  I have so many tomatoes I could actually sell them.  Various types of rustlers burgers & they have a shelf all of there very own such is the demand for instant snacking. I have 3 huge jars of crinkle cut beetroot.  I don’t think anyone except my eldest eats beetroot & he moved out months ago.  I really need to pay more attention.  I’ll type that I will faithfully clean it out once a week.  I won’t & I know I won’t.  Teenagers just don’t know how to follow simple instructions.  They move things about in my fridge just to piss me off.  They take things off one shelf & return it to another.  I’m very clear about what should go where but they don’t give a shit.  The first one to wail that we have nothing to eat will be directed to the beetroot jars.  Someone will eat it & it won’t be me.

Clearing out anything is a tedious, boring job but it has to be done.   Please look in your fridges, if it needs a clear out do it.  You’ll save someone else a job & earn some brownie points.


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