And so it continues

I hate how my children have the ability to reduce me to a quivering wreck.  Even when they know they’re making seriously bad choices they just keep making them.  Ffs seriously can they not just admit it when they Fuck up.  I’d rather admit I’m wrong & start over.  Kids just keep to the same stupid decisions knowing later rather than sooner they’ll have no option but to back down.  Meanwhile my brain is getting fried.

This morning was just an extension of last night.  School refusal I see as a blip school sees as a show of defiance.  They’re tough line is no attendance today means no final trip tomorrow.  I get the need for consequences I really do but its not going to help any of us to withdraw something that’s kept him going to school for the last month.  I couldn’t think of an alternative so i reluctantly agreed.  I feel very sorry for baby child.  Once again he’s taking himself to a place neither of us has any control over.

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