Round two..


I love the above words.  It’s not my fault but it is my responsibility.  I wonder how many parents would accept the above as true.  Me, I take it & accept it.  I behave in an appropriate way always.  I set a good(ish) example to my kids.  I type good(ish) because I’m human & I do fuck up.  I say & do the wrong thing sometimes but I’m quick to accept when I’m wrong & apologise.

My youngest son did stay in school.  He’ll be home in 15 minutes.  I know he didn’t do any work today but he was in attendance.  I can’t control how he behaves so I pray a lot lol.  I held out until noon before I gave in & telephoned school.  I do give him kudos for going today.  All his classmates where off on a trip & he was being left out.   I guess it always comes back to that statement.  I know his behaviour is not my fault.  He is my son though so I am held responsible.  He’ll get his iphone back & hopefully I’ll get mine.  Kids, what would life be like without them..


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