They did it..

It was today

Today had the potential to be either a fabulous day or a really crappy one.  Thankfully it ended up being a fabulous one.  Baby child had a good day visiting what will be his high school.  I’m sure it helped that he has siblings in four other years but he seemed to cope just fine.  My eldest daughter had her results today for her college course.  We seriously sweated through work.  I coached her on philosophy & history,.  When I got the phone call to tell me she and her 2 friends passed I was thrilled for them.  When I got home they’d all started celebrating in my garden.  I am known as the queen of sass & I lived up to my name today.  Nothing quite like seeing a woman in glorious sunshine dressed head to toe in black with huge sunglasses on carrying vodka.   I certainly managed to put smiles on those young ladies faces.  My girls so deserved it.

I loved everything about today.  My eldest child was visiting when I got home.  He even made me coffee.   When life is going right for my kids I don’t give a shit about anything else.  I slip into my happy bubble, zip it up & give thanks to God.



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