Not so much fun

I went out this morning.  I only went to McDonalds for a coffee & Asda for my normal Sunday shop.  I wasn’t even gone an hour.  I wish I’d stayed out.  I come home to find my last remaining house phone has some how mysteriously stopped working.  It was pointless asking what happened.  I suspect son 4 threw it at either son 3 or 2.  I can’t of course prove it so bad mood has arrived.  At this stage it’s the teeniest of bad moods but its definitely here.  I come upstairs to silence.  Why is my Tv not on?  That confirms my suspicion that boys have had some sort of rumble.  Open my sitting-room door & my floor is littered with cushions & stuff that should have been binned.  It’s quite funny in a sad way.  Baby child broke my bin last week.  It was a forty pounds bin & I drew my line in the sand.  He was told if he broke it it wouldn’t be replaced so in the corner of my room sits a black bag for rubbish.  I so want to buy a new bin but he’d only break it.  If I say something I have to mean it & that’s a very important lesson for both of us.  My sitting-room looks trashed & whilst I’m not amused, I’m not going to let it bother me.  Sons 2 & 4 ar seriously kicking off over aftershave.  They may be 16yrs & 12yrs but they act like toddlers.  O I so wish I could return to the days of workable distractions & bed by 8pm.


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