Bitch please

No chance was anyone going to mess with my happy vibe today.  I’m working with a man who’s crude, smutty & way to suggestive.   I don’t like people who are sexually suggestive, it makes me cringe with embarrassment .  I’m not really interested in the fact he only has one sexually position.  I’ve forgotten more about sex than he knows but jeez, one position??    He actually had the cheek to ask today if all my kids are straight.  Um after pointing out that my children’s sexuality wasn’t anyone’s business  he backed off.  I did say I was gay but he laughed after he realised I wasn’t being serious.   It’s a shame because he’s a nice guy when he’s being just a colleague.  I’m going to have to dampen him down if he’s going to last. Either that or I’ll sack him.  I held on to my happy mood but it so could have gone either way.

So this afternoon I don’t care how knackered I am those mirrors are going to be cleaned.  Every time I go up a level in my house I see them.  How the hell mirrors get dirty I will never know but my sofa is clean, my wash hand basin has been unblocked (Yay!!!!!) & I have no excuse.  I had a great nights sleep eventually last night.  I so needed a good nights sleep.


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