I wish

I love those conversations when people say it must be great to have free time.  Just because I don’t work full time doesn’t mean I have oodles of free time.  In an ideal world I’d have slaves to do the never ending washing, the ironing, the endless tidy up thing, the homework, the going to random pointless appointments for various children, the never ending bed changing.  The list could go on.  A bit like the question what hobbies do you have.   I always laugh at that one.  Last idiot that asked me that was met with the tardy answer of sweet cheeks the best hobby for me is sleep, I just don’t have that much time to indulge in it but I do try.  Seriously, I have 5 teenage children & a demanding 12yr old.  Hobbies are for people who have no responsibilities.  I don’t get time out.  I’m hoping I get time off for good behaviour & I don’t mean mine 🙂



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