Just one more sleep

I’m on the home straight to my time off.  One more sleep & I’m done for eight weeks.  No more challenging colleagues, no more smiling when I feel like swearing.  No more Mr Manager with his pragmatic attitude towards everything & everybody.  No more Mr Newbie Manager with his head stuck up his arrogant arse.    I now how the charity sector works but it’s fun listening to a self indulgent twat who doesn’t. This morning we got a set of hospital discharge papers delivered in error.  The gentleman was born in 1935 & unfortunately I knew of him.  He knows my Mother & she used to talk about him.  I had read them before I realised I shouldn’t have.  I quickly re-directed them to the hospice.  God knows that was a reminder if I ever needed one to why I do what I do.

I intend to be a little self indulgent for a couple of days.  I’m going to kick back and do nothing, well, nothing that involves thinking.  When Monday hits it’s time to start those jobs I never get around to.  I’m not going to beat myself or my children up.  I just need to change our routines so that my house doesn’t fall apart whilst we’re out of our normal routine.  It makes sense in my head lol.   Tomorrow is a full on work day.  If I manage to set my alarm & get out of bed on time that’ll be a great start 🙂


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