No reason required

he always gives his best

I’m not sure I do always say thank you but I remember my Dad told me this when I was very young & it stuck with me.  I’m not really sure where my head is at & this is the best I’ve got.  Wherever you are have a great Sunday 🙂


Best part of Saturday

I get home at 7pm every Saturday.  I don’t care how middle aged it is, Saturday night is for staying home.  I get to make a sandwich of my choice which tonight is peanut butter & cheese with mustard.  The best part of a Saturday is when the last of my kids say good-night & I get silence 🙂  There sure is a lot to be said for this growing old shit haha

Yeh, blah, blah, fkn, blah

Would someone please just tell me to get off Facebook & stay off it.  I seriously wind myself up with the amount of delusional, self indulgent crap people post.   The sweet pictures that tell one story when the reality is very different.  The crap & pathetic feel sorry for me posts.  How many cute couples smiling like they have a perfect relationship when one or other had there tongue down someone else’s throat the night before.  I could smile like I was loved up with a monkey standing beside me.  A 3 second photo wouldn’t fool anyone.  Actually given the amount of dim fucks on Facebook it probably would fool many.

You remember that thaw I mentioned I was having?  I’d forgotten the person I used to know is so different now.  Blame Facebook lol.    Its so typical of me to smile at happy smiling faces when I don’t really know if its real or fake.  And what are the cringy, smiling, creepy profile pictures about haha.  I should maybe look at my own but I won’t. Okay Jacq you have to resist the temptation to go looking in long gone peoples Facebook profiles.  It’s a creepy, nutty thing to do.   I only looked when I realised I hadn’t for 7 months.  Could that be because they’re life is none of my business?  Pity we don’t all think that way.  It may  not be on a par with popping into a blog three times a day though but heh ho.  It’s nice to think people are even nuttier than  me.


I’m just hitting a thought out.  Why do some people think that radiating out a bad mood gets to me.  Even my youngest son should get that except he doesn’t.  It infuriates him that I don’t react.  Good or bad moods only effect me if they’re mine.  I wonder what would happen if I did get stroppy & Huffy.  Actually I couldn’t be arsed.  I much rather smile sweetly & give a breezy goodnight. 

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