Hollow legs

I’ve sent my 16yr old out.  £20 should cover his needs for an afternoon (ok, that’s a hope).  My 16yr old is 6’2″ and built like a rake.  From the moment he gets out of bed until he returns to it his life revolves around what he can put into his mouth.  He always has cereal & toast in the morning.  He follows that with 2 packets of crisps & he graces his way until lunch.  I actually have gotten used to the back of his head.  His head is always inside our fridge.  He huffs that theirs nothing to eat when of course we have food.  He eats cereal a couple of times a day.  He eats a serious amount of crisps.  He loves apples so much that I buy them three times a week & I buy in bulk haha.  He only eats brown bread & will not under any circumstances eat anything ‘wet’ so no soups or sauces.  I used to worry about how thin Jack was.  As he’s gotten older whilst he’s still thin he is going to be a broad shouldered man & who cares if he’s got hollow legs.


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