I need to think big

My intention is that my banisters won’t ever need cleaning again  (it’s okay to laugh, I am).  If I can just get into the habit of wiping them every other day with a multi surface wipe that should do the job.  I’m getting seriously fucked off with the need for freaking, bloody habits.  Why can’t someone else just pick up a habit.  I can’t believe how pigging lazy my teenagers are.   I don’t know what the hell I was thinking about having so many children so close together.  I guess I didn’t think ahead far enough to realise I’d have 5 teenagers & a 12yr old at the same time.  People tell me I’ll miss them when they grow up & leave.  I’m sorry but what’s to miss.  The backs of there heads as they moan into the fridge.  The endless asks for money that I’ve not got a hope in hell of seeing again.  My astronomical phone bill because they run out of credit.  The forever stream of dirty towels.  O I could so go on & I do love them all but seriously they can all leave whenever they’re ready.  Eldest has already left except he hasn’t, not really.  He’s either phoning, texting or sticking his head in my fridge when he visits.  I do point out he doesn’t live here anymore but I turn around & he’s back.


Enough moaning.  I’ve really reached the end of my cleaning procrastination.  You know those clever little jobs we do in order to avoid doing the things we really should be doing.  I found myself cleaning my window frames.  Yep, I cleaned window frames this afternoon like my life depended on it.  I know I have cupboards that have stuff piled in & I chose to spend my time cleaning window frames.  If I could I’d bribe a couple of teenagers to clear them out.  I’d have to get teenagers who don’t live here though because theirs not enough money in the world to entice any of mine to do them.  I know I’m going to have to bite the bullet & do them myself.  Fuck!!! have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning shit & why do I not know a man called Dave???  Goodnight world.


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